19 Sep 2014

The Slim Beauty Knot

I have a strong preference for that.
That's a "Line connection of a fishing line".
Especially, I'm interested in "Braid to leader knots for catching barramundi".

I have been using the kaneit knot for many years.
It was originally designed to catch a big sized barramundi by Mr. Kane Dysart.
It is, in a word, an unfailing method.
That's fishing knot for when you have to make a knot to catch a big sized barramundi as soon as possible.

I also created a high-convenience line connection of fishing line, the slim straight knot, with inspiration from the kaneit knot.

I mostly imitated the kaneit knot as a result as above.

Recently, I often came to use the slim beauty knot because I started using the Sufix 832 10lb braid line.

Fishing lines have made rapid progress.
I chose Sufix 832 10lb braid line even out those.
The truth was that I was strongly recommended it by Mr. Ronald Voukolos and Mr. Matt West at Fishing & Outdoor World.
I thought that it is an absolute fishing line having high strength and flexibility free from entanglement for the spinning reels.

Now, I started using the slim beauty knot to utilize Sufix 832 10lb braid line characteristics to the utmost extent.

The Slim Beauty Knot

Alex Julius, Alex Pastsalides, Callum Priddle, Carlo Chonga Esmaquel, Edmond Fong, Glenn Hubble, Liam Hatcher, Mario Clancy Faggion, Mark Paz, Mark Rolle, Mark West, Matt West, Megan Brown, Robert Mills, Ronald Voukolos, Roxsan Edwards, Stephen Rigney, Steve Osborne prefer to use the slim beauty knot.

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