20 Sep 2014

One of the best timing!
I didn't catch any barramundi again but had 4 bites on my lures.

I had high hopes for the tide today.
Many people take notice of the big tide for catching a barramundi.

The tide in September 20, 2014
0401 - 5.56m
1049 - 3.21m
1619 - 5.17m
2228 - 2.59m
It is a 'There's no time like the present.' among the locals who really know.
A long fish-window can be expected from that.
Today's fish-window was from 11:30am to 13:00pm.

The sea surface was wavy in which barramundi had less wariness toward their natural enemies and could hide sense that they were approaching to their bait fish.

I have seen a crocodile several times here before.
Though even that, you know, is far from staying out of the water here.

What if I should be eaten by crocodile here?
A chill rarely struck for a moment to my heart.
So you've got to be a believer if you want to start the land based barramundi fishing on lures in Darwin.

About 30 - 40 cm barramundi would take these above lures.

My beloved Stella was in high glee because I always attended to her kindly.
How cute she was!  My Shimano Stella is still 2500FE.

I came to use the slim beauty knot these days because I started using Sufix 832 10lb braid.

I didn't catch any barramundi after all but I enjoyed hooking four small barramundi on lures today.
Any barramundi-bites was better than no bite.

By the way, Today is my beloved beautiful daughter's birthday.
She got a birthday message from me this early morning.

I haven't talked with her yet.
That's about it.

I love you.

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Thank you very much.