5 Mar 2019

Golden snapper #22, barramundi and 54cm Barramundi #1195-1196
Ultralight reel and rod

Sunday March 3, it's a windy day.
I went fishing at Channel Island.
It's in a tide zone of relatively bad barramundi's bite there.
The best tide shifts with the best fishing point every hour.
Diverse fishing locations, diverse good tide zones.
Even if two fishing points are located within a distance of only several meters, the productive fishing window for the land-based barramundi fishing differs from the productive fishing window for the boat barramundi fishing.
I used an ultralight fishing rod could cope with a difficult fishing condition.
In addition, I used an ultralight fishing reel too.

This fishing rod was very good at casting.
It increased the casting distance of the lure.
It's easy to control the movement and the posture of the lure when being retrieved.
Due to these efforts or not, I caught and released one golden snapper and two barramundi.
I had much more fun using an ultralight fishing rod than my usual barramundi fishing rods.
That was a good change of pace.
This kind of fishing is occasionally nice but has good sides and bad sides.
An unexpected big barramundi may take the lure.

Golden snapper


Squidgies Fish 80mm / Jighead 1/6oz #2/0

54cm Barramundi

Squidgy Pro Mongrel 90mm Boof Mullet / Jighead 1/4oz #1/0

Where: Shallow water 30cm - 50cm deep
Water: Murky / Outgoing
Line: Surfix 832 10lb
Leader:  Jinkai Leader 40lb
Knot: The Albright Knot
Reel: Shimano Sustain 1000FG
Rod: Shimano Raider Kayak 601 Spin 1-3kg 2-8gm
Clip: Force ten Stainless Duo Lock Snaps #2
Lure action: Steady retrieve

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