23 Jun 2013

We may need iron or steel for our land based barramundi fishing in future?

Darwin harbour is the best urban sea water for the land based fishing.  I think.

This above shallow water has given me some nice sized barramundis.
One of them as follows,

73cm barramundi on REBEL POP-R from my data base.

But it is thought that many barramundis still remain in the region of Darwin city, but the population has been slightly on the decline.

There are many factors.
Not enough amount of rainfall in the wet season
Decrease of broad-leaf tree forests (Mangroves)
Increase of coast roads
Angling and fishing pressure
and so on.

A familiar big reason: Decrease of the fulvic acid iron

I found an interesting article as follows,

Experiment on use of Iron/Steel Slag to Restore Marine Environment Begins
Kobe Steel Ltd., and its subsidiary companies started a research experiment in July 2009 to verify the effectiveness of a new type of seaweed/fish bed that combines a normal fish bed with iron/steel slag, a by-product of steel manufacturing. The bed was installed in the ocean near Nishijima in the Ieshima archipelago, near Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture. The purpose of the experiment is to improve the environment for fish and seaweed production. The experiment will continue for three years, ending in June 2012.

A small fish bed measuring 4.4 m × 3.0 m × 2.0 m, and a large fish bed measuring 8.3 m × 8.3 m × 5 m were installed on the seabed at a depth of five to eight meters, and the experiment is showing satisfactory progress, with seaweed steadily growing and fish swimming near the steel bed.

After iron/steel slag was verified to be effective for restoring marine environments, the Hyogo prefectural government established a research group to investigate the effective use of iron/steel slag in 2008 in order to preserve and restore the both the land and ocean environments. The research group is part of the Hyogo Ecotown Promotion Conference, which was established to promote, research and diffuse the idea of a recycling-based society, through the joint cooperation of industry, government and academia. Through experiments on the ocean utilizing iron/steel slag produced in Hyogo Prefecture, the prefectural government aims to establish a model for improving the environment.

New Technology Helps Restore Barren Seafloors (Related JFS article)

Kobe Steel Ltd. official website

Kansai International Airport used much quantity of iron / steel for the foundation of a building.
As a result, there is better and greater marine environment with a new seaweed/fish bed there now.

Kansai International Airport
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An artificial island, 4 km (2.5 mi) long and 2.5 km (1.6 mi) wide, was proposed. Engineers needed to overcome the extremely high risks of earthquakes and typhoons (with storm surges of up to 3 m (10 ft)).

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Thank you very much.

Sooty grunter
Big Archerfish
Lake Bennette
Mr. Dave Krantz
Mr. Marty Krantz

I'm taking a short brake from my fishing activities now.
I'm sick in bed. ・゚゚・(×_×)・゚゚・

I knew that Dave took holidays recently.
So I asked him to send some information of his fishing events to me.

I know that he's very busy now. 
And I received some nice pictures at last.

Hello Hiro

I hope you are recovering well.
I spent a few days at Lake Bennett recently and Marty and I caught a few nice sooties.
I have attached a couple of pics.
They were caught on light spin gear with the smaller weedless Tailbaitz.
........ had fun catching tarpon on small blades.
See you soon. I think I will go for a land based fish tomorrow and see if I can catch anything.

Cheers - Dave

☆⌒(*^-゚)v Thanks!! Dave.

I've never caught Sooty grunter yet.
But I really interested in the Sooty grunter fishing by lure.

Very nice sized Sooty grunter was caught by Mr. Dave Krantz.

By the way, probably, some people are thinking that Dave Krantz could be a very old gentleman because of his facebook profile photo.
It's his joke!
He's an very able editor and journalist.

Thanks to Dave, I could join in the fishing columns of NT News and  many fishing events.
After all, I could have an opportunity to catch a 102cm barramundi thanks to Dave and Helifish-Mark.
He's an very important person to me. ☆⌒(*^-゚)v Thanks!! Dave.

Mr. Marty Krantz caught a very nice sized Sooty grunter.
Probably, bigger than Dave's Sooty. v(*'-^*)-☆

It is thought that Marty has caught more kind of fishes than me.

I know him very well.
Very nice man!

Very big Archer fish!
There are some big archer fish at Lake Bennett too which Marty spent a lot of time trying to catch with occasional success. (by Dave)

I think that Archer fish will be a very fun target fish by lure in near future.

Little princess caught a tarpon on a small brades. o(*^▽^*)o

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Thank you very much.

Short brake from my fishing activities

I had surgery on 18th of June.
I'm 52 years old now.
My father had had the same operation.
We don't smoke and drink but...┐(~ー~;)┌

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, doctors, nurses, friends and work.
So I'm taking a short brake from my fishing activities now.


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Thank you very much.

16 Jun 2013

Colour of the lure?
Action of the lure?
Angling pressure?

I've been thinking that the best colour of the lure should be your favorite colour because you more frequently use the lure with your favorite colour in your fishing life.
You learned it from your many fishing experiences.

On the other hand, we know the theories.

We know that gold, silver (black), chartreuse, green, white, pink (red), earth and olive are effective for our barramundi fishing in colour.
That's very true.
But these colours are not always conspicuous, striking and strongly marked to barramundi under the condition of the different waters.
That's still very effective for catching barramundi.

You don't always need strongry marked colours.

When I can't catch any barramundis, I try to think about
Match the hatch ъ( ゚ー^)♪.
Normally, we think that pink and red aren't related to 'Match the hatch'.
But you've already known about red from the above video.
The possibility of pink and red under the condition of the deep water and the dirty water is greater than we had expected in 'Match the hatch'.

And I know the worst colour of the lure for my barramundi fishing as well.
I think that many beginners probably like this colour because it looks cool.
Australian lure makers don't use this colour very much.
Probably, they have known about this factor.
American and Japanese lure makers use this colour very much.
I won't show it because......┐(~ー~;)┌

By the way, angling pressure is very common these days.
The higher the number, the more angling pressure or fishing pressure.

I know the place with a very high angling pressure in Darwin.
You probably can't go fishing there these days.
Location: Under the restaurant

I caught following nice barramundis there before.

It was thought that the steady-retrieving action of the lure should be very effective for barramundi fishing under the condition of the very high angling pressure.

67cm barramundi under the restaurant

Lure: PANTHER MARTIN Swim bait 100mm
Action: Steady retrieving

66cm barramundi under the restaurant

Lure: MARIA THE FIRST 90mm sinking
Action: Steady retrieving

I chose the colour of the lure with thinking about the water depth, the water condition, the lighting condition and the angling pressure.

Normally, it is thought that 'hard action' is effective at the high fish activity, and 'weak action' is effective at the low fish activity, however, I know about the other important factors of barramundi's behavior as follows.

Barramundi aren't convinced that they can easily catch healthy bait fish under the condition of 'flat surface'.
Barramundi are only convinced that they can catch weakened or troubled bait fish under these conditions.

Barramundi are keener to chase healthy live bait fish under the condition of 'very rippled-wavy surface'.

Barramundi prefer to make a surprise attack from structures when the sea is flat or slightly rippled.

It's the same as bushwhacking guerrillas attcking from ambush.

I use soft plastic swimming shads in place of very healthy live bait fish when the surface is very rippled, with a steady retrieving.

I use hard body minnows to imitate weakened or troubled live bait fish, with some twitchings and pauses.

Barramundi won't take soft plastic swimming shads under the condition of 'flat surface'. This shall not apply to the night time.

'Very flat' and 'very wavy' shouldn't be a very good situation on the shore on land based barramundi fishing.

There are more important factors.

One of them....
It's a very lucky situation!
It is easiest to catch Barramundis that are traveling in a group at the high fish activity in an area that has their favorite water temperature.

They will strike at any lures when encountered under these conditions.

I'm interested in following video.

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Thank you very much.

15 Jun 2013

July is much better than September.

July is the coolest season in Darwin.
Many people believe that the warmer season is better than the cold season for our barramundi fishing.
The answer is 'yes' and 'no'.

The water temperature starts rising around the middle of August here.
It's the start of the quiet season of my land based barramundi fishing.
Normally, the quiet season lasts to the beginning of October in my experience.

July is not bad.
It's much better than you had expected.

Mr. Stephen Rigney had caught 102cm and 116cm barramundis at the Daly river in July.
Mr. Dave Krantz and his friends had caught 80 or 90 barramundis a day at the 4 mile hole in July.
Mr. Stephen Lew had caught a 95cm urban barramundi by land based in Darwin in July.
Mr. Sam Lew had caught a 77cm urban barramundi by land based in Darwin in July.
Mr. Allan Warchot had caught a 72cm urban barramundi by land based in Darwin in July.
Mr. Edmond Fong had caught a 82cm urban barramundi by land based in Darwin in July.

I had caught some following nice barramundis by land based in Darwin in July too.

74cm very nice shaped urban barramundi

70cm urban barramundi

On the other hand, I had caught some nice sized barracudas, 70cm - 75cm, by land based in Darwin in July.

And we had had crocs in our water in July too.

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Thank you very much.

10 Jun 2013

57cm Saratoga on fly
Corroboree billabong
Mr. Liam Hatcher

I'm taking a short break from my fishing activities now.
And I'm waiting for an operation for my legs.
Treatment of varicose veins and other problems with veins
It's not serious at all.
I'm 52 years old now.
It can not be helped.

By the way,
I received an e-mail from an able young angler last night.
Actually, I know him very well.

g'day hiro,

this afternoon dad and i went out to corroboree billabong for a fish. we fished the whole afternoon with success right at the end. at first we worked a patch of lillies with a weedless black and orange thing and had a take of a saratoga and lost him not long after the take. fishing wasn't as successful as it seemed so we moved to another spot. again with no luck there but there was a lot of tarpon rolling around just out the front of a patch of lillies and i changed my fly to a small crazy charlie. with the amount of tarpon there, only one took my fly but got off soon after. we decided to go back to the same spot where we tried first but this time i put on a 2/0 orange and black surface popper. the popper (that i made myself) had two strands of 45lb schneider line as weed guards on the hook but the fly still worked really well. i worked the popper through the lillies with a short sharp strip and a small pause in between to let the popper rise up back to the surface. several casts were made before a spectacular ariel take from a beautiful saratoga. i struck as hard as i could and pulled it away from the weeds. not the longest fight that i've had but it was good seeing that toga come up through the water and dad there with the net. a few photos were taking and the toga measured 57cm in length, a very nice toga in my book. not long after that dad hooked and landed a very nice 61cm toga. as soon as that was released i cast my fly into a nice patch of weeds and one pop of the popper and another toga of 41cm was landed. attached is my 57cm toga!

cheers liam

☆⌒(*^-゚)v Thanks!! Liam.

June 9, 2013
57cm Saratoga was caught on fly by Mr. Liam hatcher.
Corroboree billabong, NT, Australia

It has been a while since I last seen him, but.........
How you have grown.....?
It's very quick!
Liam has already become a very, very experienced and skilled angler. v(*'-^*)-☆

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Thank you very much.