7 Dec 2020

I have caught 1241 barramundi on lures by land based so far.

 I've been documenting the number of barramundi I've caught myself since March 2010 on my blog, along with photos.  All those barramundi were caught from land using lures.

2010: 78 barramundi

2011: 272 barramundi

2012: 374 barramundi

2013: 113 barramundi

2014: 83 barramundi

2015: 73 barramundi

2016: 52 barramundi

2017: 61 barramundi

2018: 75 barramundi

2019: 32 barramundi

2020: 21 barramundi

I have caught 1241 barramundi so far.

In 2010, I didn't know much about how to fish for barramundi yet.

In 2011, I started using a soft plastic bait called ‘Squidgie Fish’ and my fishing results improved dramatically.

Since 2012, I've been finding out which tide timings work best for the land based barramundi fishing.

The Larrakeyah outfall (poo shooter), which pumps macerated sewage into Darwin Harbour, closed at the end of May in 2012.

In 2019 and 2020, there was less rainfall than usual during the wet season.

18 Jan 2020

Barramundi #1217-1220

This is the first time in a while that I update this blog.
My fishing frequency itself was reduced.
The traffic accident deprived me of my ligaments on my left knee in 2019.
In addition, the very hot days have been continuing.
My activities have been centered on those of a contributor to edit a movie about the land based barramundi fishing rather than being a writer to edit a blog recently.
I'm reflecting back on things.
I should put effort into everything no matter what it is next.

September 14, 2019
59cm at Channel island

November 15, 2019

November 24, 2019

November 30, 2019

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Thank you very much.

11 Sept 2019

Barramundi #1215
56cm Barramundi #1216

August 18, 2019
Channel Island

#1215 Barramundi
Yo-zuri Pin's Minnow 90mm

September 1, 2019
Fannie Bay

#1216 56cm Barramundi

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Thank you very much.

31 Jul 2019

My fishing column in Sunday Territorian comes to end.

Finally, 7-Year-Old-my fishing column comes to End.
My fishing column has stated since march 2012.
March 2012 - May 2015 in NTNews
June 2015 - July 2019 in Sunday Territorian
I cannot thank you enough for NTNews' continous support for my fishing columns for seven years.  I'm full of feelings of gratefulness.

On the other hand, I started to record the results of my fishing on lures by land based from March 2010 as follows.
Barramundi #1214
Barracuda #17
Bluesalmon #12
Catfish #53
Flathead #59
Goldensnapper #23
Queenfish #34
Rockcod #253+???
Tarpon #16
Trevally #46
Only shown with #10 and above

My fishing locations as follows.
Mindil beach rocks
Myilly point rocks
Fannie bay rocks
East point rocks
Channel Island
Lee point rocks

I will become 59 in September.
I'm still keen on barramundi fishing on lures.
I have great admiration for the readers' generosity even though I'm a foreigner.
Thank you for reading my fishing columns for many years.

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Thank you very much.

25 Jul 2019

Barramundi #1213
Rapala X-rap XR08
55cm Barramundi #1214
Squidgies Fish

Saturday, July 20, it's a windy day.
I went fishing at Channel Island.
The water was cold and clear.
I chose the Rapala X-rap XR08 Glass Ghost after using several kinds of lures.
As a result, I caught and released a small barramundi.


Rapala X-rap XR08 Glass Ghost

Sunday, July 21, it's a windy day again.
I went fishing at Channel Island again.
I normally use 4 or 5 types of hard-body lures and 3 or 4 types of soft plastic baits every time.
I normally use 4 or 5 types of colours in rotation.
You don't have to use them in any particular order, nor do you need to use all of them.
In addition, increased the degree of clarity of the water of sea may require that lures be changed frequently in my land based barramundi fishing because barramundi are very cautious.
There were six people for fishing including me there.
I chose the Squidgies Fish 80mm Black Gold slightly applying the wariness to barramundi in water.
In addition, I used the Halco Catch Scent.
The Halco Catch Scent is bait additive that uses real fish pheromones to attract fish to soft plastic baits.
Barramundi don't dislike the Halco Catch Scent on approaching it to them.
That is for sure.
As a result, I caught a 55.5cm barramundi.
But I released that fish.
I don't keep barramundi which measures less than 55.5cm and more than 80cm in overall length.

55.5cm barramundi

Squidgies Fish 80mm Glass Ghost

Lure: Squidgies Fish 80mm Glass Ghost

Where: Shallow water 30cm - 50cm deep

Water: Outgoing

Line: Surfix 832 30lb

Leader: Black Magic 50lb

Knot: The Albright Knot

Reel: Shimano Curado DC

6'6" Medium power, First action, 10-17lb, 1/4-5/8oz.
Customized by Mr. Matt West (Barra Classic 2010 Champion).

Clip: Force Ten Stainless Duo Lock Snaps #2

Lure action: Twitch, twitch and jerk

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Thank you very much.

15 Jul 2019

Barramundi #1212
Bluesalmon #9
Squidgies Fish 70mm

July 14, Sunday.
The 2019 Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta was held at the Mindil beach.
I had fun fishing at the Myilly point rocks in the bustle and noisy atmosphere of an annual festival event.
The wind was blowing strongly.
Still, the sea surface wasn't very wavy.
It generally blows hard but the sea surface isn't very wavy in the Mindil area at this time of year.
The water was cold.
The difference between high and low tide was small.
The tides were moving slowly.
The water was clear.
Normally, barramundi have the trait of being cautious and watchful in a very clear and calm water.
Luckily, the water was partly murky with strong wind in the shallow water.
This situation was effectual.
Someone caught a big barramundi.
I caught a 48cm barramundi and a bluesalmon.
I spread a Halco Catch Scent on a soft plastic bait every 15 minutes.
That might work.
I released a barramundi into the water.
I wanted to take the bluesalmon home and put that fish in a small tide pool.
The bluesalmon might be taken by a big bird when I was working on casting a soft plastic bait.

48cm Barramundi


Lure: Squidgies Fish 70mm Drop Bear
Jighead: 1/6oz #1/0
Where: Shallow water 30cm deep
Water: Murky / Incoming
Line: Surfix 832 20lb
Leader:  Black Magic 50lb
Knot: The Albright Knot
Reel: Shimano Stella 2500FE
Rod: Shimano Raider Kayak 601 Spin 1-3kg 2-8gm
Clip: Force ten Stainless Duo Lock Snaps #2
Lure action: Steady retrieve/stop and go

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