21 Sep 2014

but, oh dear!
I'm on a diet when I don't fish.

but, oh dear!

I decided to go on a diet when I couldn't fish in some season.
One month has passed since I started my diet.
I'm restraining myself from eating foods with a lot of carbohydrates for my diet.

Originally, I had to go on a diet for health reason.
I successfully lost ten kilos in three weeks without any problems.
But I had a bit of a remission in my diet recently.
I couldn't reduce more body weight.

I'm originally Japanese, and have been so.
I originally lived on rice.
Restoring to rice-eating, I could repair my strength and recover my mental tone.

Of course, I'm still on a diet without dinner.
And then I could reduce 11kilos in total since I started my diet.

Rice, apple, tomato and yogurt are essential for my diet.
Of course, some little meat also.

Writing like this, I just want to cut off my retreat.
It's not as easy as it seems.
Now, I really understand that.

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Thank you very much.