22 Sep 2014

Barramundi marinated in soy sauce and mirin is a very golod with sushi.
Sushi Party Style

I caught a 62cm urban saltwater barramundi yesterday.

To more completely and neatly de-blood fish including blood penetrated into tissues in de-blooding fish, is very important for eating a raw fish.

I marinated many pieces of sliced barramundi in soy sauce, mirin (sweet cooking rice wine) with two or three slices of ginger in the refrigerator.
You can eat it even for about four hours.

I marinated some pieces of sliced barramundi in miso, mirin (sweet cooking rice wine) also.

Sushi items

Sashimi is also very good sushi item.

You can enjoy sashimi itself.

Sushi Party Style #1

Sushi Party Style #2

This is a "Sushi Party Style" I recommend.

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Thank you very much.