23 May 2015

Living near the water

My usual fishing locations are within 20minutes of my place.
I have no car, needless to say, I have no boat.
I go fishing by the 8years old 50cc scooter.

If I are lucky, I can catch a nice sized urban barramundi as follows,

Usually I catch 40cm - 50cm barramundi in size.

Barramundi fishing is much different from the fishing I was used to in the other fishing.
I've been obsessed with fishing Barramundi ever since I caught a wild one the first time I tried it.

Fishing an urban barramundi by land based is not as easy as you think it is.
I like the land based barramundi fishing all the better for it.

I believe that the more you know mechanism of productive fishing windows, the more you like a barramundi.
You could get lucky and can catch a barramundi, or you could be unlucky and can't catch a barramundi.
Anybody who go fishing often, catches at last!
Even beginners will catch five urban barramundi on lure by land based in one month at least.

You must be careful because the rocks are sometimes very slippery and know when to move back from the incoming tide.

Living near the water for fishing.

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Thank you very much.