16 Aug 2017

70cm and 62cm Barramundi
Zerek Flat Shad
Mr. Keith Watson

I went fishing at East point with Keith Watson on August 7, and I went fishing at Channel Island with Keith Watson on August 13.
He caught a 52cm barramundi and a small barramundi on August 7, and 62cm and 70cm barramundi on August 13.
He is my very good fishing friend in years.
He returned after three years' absence from fishing in Darwin.
That is certainly true that I took him to my fishing locations at my favourite productive fishing windows.
It is a great mistake to think that any one could catch barramundi in that case.
In fact, despite I did my best, I couldn't catch any barramundi at those times.
In brief barramundi didn't choose my lures but Keith's lures as baits.
Matching the bait to the location is very important to him.
Matching the lure to the bait is very, very important to him.
In addition, Keith is highly skilled in accurate-lure casting.
In my case, it's a rotational system operation by using 5 or 6 lures.
My method is suitable for beginners very much.
I think that Keith is also good at reading a subsurface flow of water because he can use a light soft plastic shad proficiently.
As a result, he caught 62cm and 70cm barramundi at Channel Island on August 13.

62cm barramundi

70cm barramundi

Zerek Flat Shad

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