23 Aug 2017

52cm Barramundi #1081
Rapala Original 130mm

Last Saturday, I ate lunch a little earlier than usual.
And then I went fishing at Mindil beach.
I walked on very slippery rocks closer to Myilly point using a walking stick made from PVC tube.
The tide was coming into the shallow water.
I am into the Rapala Original 130mm made from wood recently.
It is a very light-weight lure, so it is not easy to use on a slightly windy day.
However, Rapala Original 130mm has its big advantage of being more easily used in rocky shallow water.
Nevertheless, it is no so easy to use for beginners at the time of being a baitcast-reel.
A slightly soft fishing rod is useful when you use a light-weight lure.
So, I chose a Samaki 6'6" Line: 8-14lb as a fishing rod at that time.
This fishing rod and Rapala Original 130mm are very compatible.
This combination can provide a better method scarcely being caught on an obstacle under the water.
In that kind of meaning, Rapala Original 130mm and Rebel Classic 110mm are great lures one of the best ever made.
As a result, I caught a 52cm barramundi there.

52cm barramundi

Rapala Original 

Size: 130mm

Where: Shallow water 30cm - 50cm

Water: Murky Incoming

Line: Fins 30lb

Leader line: Black magic 40lb

Knot: The Slim Beauty

Reel: Shimano Scorpion 70XG Gear ratio 8.2:1 very fast

Rod: Samaki Zing Xtreme SZX-661BM 6'6" Line: 8-14lb Cast: 1/4-5/8oz Action: Moderate

Clip: Force ten Stainless Duo Lock Snaps #2

Action: Twitching in an uplight attitude

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