31 Aug 2017

103cm Barramundi by land based
Rapala Countdown 9
Mr. Alex Patsalides

Mr. Alex Patsalides who works for Fishing Outdoor World caught a 103cm very beautifully silver barramundi by land based recently.
Alex is my very good fishing friend.
I often use a Greek word "Yasou" to Alex because it is very familiar to me in pronunciation.
My younger brother's name in Japan is "Yasu".
As you know, I always catch and release rat-size barramundi on lure by land based in my fishing locations.
It is not rare that he caught a metery barramundi on lure by land based.
He has caught on lure by land based so far, a 123cm barramundi was the biggest one.
This time, he used a Rapala CountDown 9.
He fished from the bank of the Daly river.
The water current was strong there.
As you know, Rapala CountDown is normally a sinking-minnow-type lure.
In addition, CountDown 9 is 90mm in size.
It is easier to handle in a strong water current since the size is not so big.
Rapala said, "Sinking at a consistent rate of one foot per second, the CountDown allows you to easily target specific depths repeatedly. Whether the fish are suspended, at the weed tops or holding on bottom structure, the CountDown can get you to them consistently."
I think that I can use a Rapala CountDown 9 for my usual fishing locations too, especially for East point.
I asked Alex how to use that lure while winding.
He taught me how to wind a Rapala CountDown 9.
But that won't be taught you by me.
I'm sorry about that.
Please visit him to speak to him in person.
I think that he is in the shop of Fishing Outdoor World.

103cm barramundi on Rapala CountDown 9 by land based

Rapala CountDown 9

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