1 Jul 2015

Gold was very effective for a very clear water at night.
60cm Barramundi and Bream
Mr. Mitsutoshi sato
Lucky Craft BeeFreeze

I rarely take someone to my fishing location.
He is 26years old now.
His name is Atsushi Sato.
I met him at 7:30pm at the car park in the East Point.
There was a bright moon, therefore, I took him to the urban creek to fish.
It was very difficult to catch a barramundi on lures on the shore under the condition like this.
The water was very clear.
The water current was very strong.
The water surface was flat because of the creek.

I lost my hard body lure first because a nice sized rockcod took it between rocks.
I changed the leader line.
Soon, I failed to catch a barramundi on a Squidgy Pro Mongrel.
Then I heard a big fish to leap and jump on the water.
Atsushi was hooking a very nice sized barramundi.
Unfortunately he failed to catch that fish because his drag setting was too tight.
He was using a very shiny gold minnow typed lure.
He retrieved his lure steadily and sometimes twitched.
Soon, he caught a 60cm nice dry-season saltwater barramundi.
It's his first barramundi.

June 30, 2015 60cm Barramundi
Land based, Darwin, NT, Australia

He caught a nice sized bream also.

Normally, it's very difficult to catch a bream on lure during the daytime around here.

His fishing gears were for beginners.  Good job!

He used a Lucky Craft Bee-Freeze.

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Thank you very much.