27 Jul 2015

Rockcod steamed fish in Hong Kong style
Much tastier than you had expected.

The 51cm whole rockcod was too big to fit in my steaming pan.
I made very nice fish and chips with the fillet this morning.
I made a steamed fish with its head and wings in HK style tonight.
That was the most delicious food that I have ever eaten.
Yes, really.

Steamed rockcod in Hong Kong style.

Steamed Fish – Cantonese (Hong Kong) Home Style

Ingredients for Recipe of Hiro's Steamed Fish

•Fish,it should be very fresh.
Rockcod, Coraltrout and Bluebone are suitable for this dish.

•Slices Gingers
•Spring onions
•Chili (optional)

•Peanut Oil, Vegetable oil, Canola oil or Sunflower oil
(Very, very hot/around 200℃ 100cc)
Keep out burns and a fire.

•Soy Sauce
•Sugar  2 tea spoons
Fish juice with sliced gingers after steaming


Shredded spring onions, coriander and chili.


1.Gut and scale the Rockcod.

2.Place some spring onions on a plate.  Put the fish on top of the spring onions and ginger. Dribble some oil on fish for smoother texture.

3.Bring water in a steamer to the boil.  Put in fish and steam
for 8 - 10 minutes for 35cm rockcod (12minutes for beginners), 15minutes for 50cm rockcod.

4.Remove spring onions under the fish. Drain the some fish juice on the plate. Sprinkle some shredded spring onion (not many) on fish. Heat oil ( very hot! ) and pour it over the fish. Heat up some soy sauce and fish juices with sugar for steamed fish. Lastly put spring onions, corianders and chili on top. Serve.

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Thank you very much.