3 Jul 2015

Indeed, the gold was very effective for the lure fishing in a very clear water at bright night.
Rockcod #328-329
Flathead #53
Lucky Craft BeeFreeze

I went to the rocks at the Fannie Bay to fish around 11:00pm.
It was a very bright night with a full moon.
The tide was going out.

The water was very clear.
It seemed that the water had been too shallow to fish there.

I have been thinking that the gold should be very effective for catching a fish on lure in a very clear water at bright night in colour.
I realized that.
I caught two nice restaurant sized rockcod on Lucky Craft BeeFreeze.

Rockcod #328

Rockcod #329

I caught a flathead #53 on BeeFreeze on July 3 also.

I caught a bream on a gold Rebel minnow at night before.

My friend, Mitsutoshi, caught a barramundi and bream on a gold Lucky Craft BeeFreeze in a very clear water at bright night also.

Nice bream

Mitsutoshi's first barramundi

Lucky Craft Bee Freeze

Colour: Gold

Size: 78mm

Where: Shallow water 30cm -50cm

Water: Very clear Outgoing

Line: Sufix 832 15LB Braid

Leader: TRIUMPH SUPER SHOCK LEADER 30LB (Very nice for the shallows)

Knot: The Slim Beauty Knot


Rod: Wilson LIVE FIBRE Sport fishing SERIES BLADE 'N' TAILS


Action: Steady retrieving

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Thank you very much.