12 Jul 2015

103cm Dry season's urban saltwater barramundi
Mr. Mitsutoshi Sato
Lucky Craft Bee Freeze
His 2nd barramundi that he has ever caught in his life.

I rarely take someone to my fishing location.
He is 26years old now.

I took him to the same place at night on 30th June.
He caught his first barramundi in his life at that time.
It was a 60cm urban saltwater barramundi caught on a Lucky Craft Bee Freeze.

As I always said, the tides like yesterday's ones were ideal for my land based fishing.
Even if the sea water was very clear and cold and if the other conditions of the productive fish windows were complete, a saltwater barramundi would take lures in the dry season.
Plus there was no moon tonight.
It was a very dark night.
We had a very nice conditions to catch a barramundi.

I wanted him to catch more barramundi on lures because he has planed to leave Darwin at the beginning of September.

He uses a Shimano Sienna 4000FD (Fishing reel) with a 15LB braid line.
His fishing rod was a heavy glass-fibre one.  
So I presented a carbon-fibre fishing rod to him when I met him at the parking in my fishing location tonight.

The tide hadn't reached to my fishing location yet when we arrived.
We waited for the tide was coming in.

The water  was very clear and cold.
The water current was strong.
The wind was following.

As soon as the seawater started moving, he caught a very strong fish on his lure.
He couldn't stop that big fish for a while.
However, the drag force of his fishing reel was set accurately this time.
It ended up taking him 15minutes to land that big fish.
It was the 2nd barramundi that he has ever caught in his life.

103cm Urban saltwater barramundi was caught by Mr. Mitsutoshi Sato.
July 11, 2015
Land based, Darwin, NT, Australia

The dry season's saltwater barramundi has a very solid body with a bright silver colour.
The dry season's saltwater barramundi is normally stronger than the wet season's barramundi.

His twitching technique is very different from our local techniques.
It is very effective for catching a barramundi.
It has been demonstrated because he also caught a 60cm barramundi by using the same technique with the same lure at the same place on 30th June.
In addition, he caught a metery queenfish at the fisherman's wharf recently.

He released the big mother fish back into the seawater.
But the tide-water came quickly over the rocks and so our fishing gears went below the surface of the sea water. It's very dangerous at all.

His fishing reel is a Shimano Sienna 4000FD with a 15LB braid line.

Lucky Craft Bee Freeze (Pointer) Suspended

Colour: Gold

Size: 78mm

Where: Shallow water 50 - 70cm

Water: Very clear and cold Incoming

Line: Hercules 15LB Braid

Leader: Hercules 40LB 

Knot: Similar to the Slim Beauty Knot

Reel: Shimano Sienna 4000FD

Rod: Okuma 2pcs Flame F-S-662L 6'6" (1.95m) 2-4kg

Clip: He is using a clip.

Action: Very unique twitching

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