14 Dec 2014

Darwin's lady caught a 97cm urban saltwater barramundi by land based.
Mrs. Courtany Wong
Mr. Jack Wong

Thanks to Jack's advice, I caught a 65cm saltwater barramundi at the 6m - 7m deep urban sea water in the Darwin harbor on Friday night.

I saw Mr. Jack Wong at Fishing & OutdoorWorld after work on that evening.
I told him about my struggles at my usual fishing locations in the wet season because my usual fishing locations, Midil Beach, Fannie Bay and East Point were very wavy every day.
Jack showed me a picture.
It was his wife's photograph.
What a surprise!  She was holding a really big barramundi in her arms in the photograph.
He gave me the information of the fishing location where his wife caught a 97cm urban saltwater barramundi by land based.
I went to that point to catch a big barramundi on that night.
I didn't catch a big barramundi but I saw a big barramundi would take my lure.
As a result, I caught a 65cm one.

I asked Jack to give me the story of his wife's big barramundi.
I received email from him as follows,

Hi Hiro,

As promised, here is the story of how my heavily pregnant wife caught her 97 cm barramundi:

In mid-September this year, being 38 week pregnant, my wife was pretty much house-bound.  Being a very active person before the pregnancy, needless to say, she got bored very easily and requested me to take her fishing numerous times before I finally agreed.  The choice of location is a relatively safe and easy to reach spot near the city. The fainted street lights nearly lit up the surface of the ocean nearby but the light is enough to attract some bait fish when there is reasonable amount of water and flow. The bottom structure is not very complicated here, so while the tide is high, sinking lures, either soft or hard, are very effective at searching the whole water column.

I recommended a Japanese made sinking pencil lure that has a slow fluttering action on the drop, and told my wife to cast along the edge of the rocks and trace the bottom - a few lifts to bring the lure a metre or so off the bottom and let it sink back down on a tight line.  Using this method, she caught a flathead before something much bigger took the same lure. Standing on a rock with a big belly while being pulled by a big fish, I had to hold on to her to make sure she did not get dragged into the water.  She fought the fish all on her own for around 10 minutes - although we were both fairly certain that it was a decent sized barramundi straight after the hook up, we still could not believe how big and chunky it was when the fish finally revealed herself in a series of jumps in the last few minutes of the fight. It was a big relief for us when I had my small lip grip around the fish's jaw.  Onto the shore, the fish measured 97 cm but the weight of this one was definitely above average.  Although heavy lifting is not recommended during pregnancy, this one was worth the effort.  Sometimes, it is equally fun being a guide  :)

Cheers, Jack

Mrs. Courtenay Wong with the 97cm
September 2014
Land based, Darwin, NT, Australia

☆⌒(*^-゚)v Thanks!! Jack!

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Thank you very much.