11 Jul 2018

Productive Fishing Window

I hit my little toe against the door frame and my nail was taken off last Thursday.
I am passive in fishing from that day.
I felt that in that case I really ought to answer a question from many readers.
A frequently asked question is "Where is the best fishing spot on weekend?" or "When is the best tide for fishing barramundi on weekend?".
Please use a lot of information and think by yourself.
Although I am acting big, in reality I myself won't know that until right before.
But I know more than just the name of barramundi due to my job.
I keep bringing up the same theory over and over again.
"The best tide shifts with the best fishing point every hour."
Basically, you can fish sea-barramundi in the case of the tide while moving.
Exceptionally, injured barramundi will take lures even in the tide while not moving.
They are frantic to live today.
Statistically speaking, there are some good timings in which an angler is likely to be catching sea-barramundi in the shallow water.

"Productive Fishing Window" is important.
It depends on the fishing point.
The allowed time of the productive fishing window varies according to the fishing point.
It in some places is less than 30 minutes when the tide is coming.
Furthermore, the other conditions influence the results of the land based sea-barramundi fishing in shallow water.
The good fishing results are usually not expected under the following conditions.
  • Very windy 
  • Very wavy 
  • Very flat sea surface 
  • Sudden change of water temperature
  • Too much freshwater
Please don't forget that barramundi are moving about in search of their baits.
In addition, they are very cautious against you.

Please click on the " Fishing of Ranking" link. 

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Thank you very much.

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