12 Apr 2018

Mindil beach
Barramundi #1123-1124
Bells Aladdjn P3 90F
Zerek Flat Shad 90mm

I went fishing at Mindil beach.
It was the first clear seawater in a while on Saturday morning.
We cannot expect much for a big sized barramundi at Mindil beach because it is a beach close to the centre of a city.
For all that, it is very fun to fish on lures at Mindil beach.
My recommendation is a lure fishing like a sight fishing.
Needless to say, a sight fishing is very fun particularly at a time of clear seawater.
You can easily enjoy an unique atmosphere of the sight-fishing like.
However, if you get carried away you will risk failure so take care!
There are thousands of rocks covered with oysters in the very shallow water.
If you are a beginner who is to lure fishing, normal soft plastics are likely to cause a snag.
Even a floating-hard-body lure sometime causes a snag there.
The chances will depend on your ability and experience in lure fishing.
Conversely, you are able to develop your skill as a lure-fishing angler at Mindil beach.
Although I am acting big, in reality I am just talking big.

First, L caught a small barramundi on a hard body lure.

Bells Aladdjn P3 90mm Floating

In the meantime, the sea was getting up.

52cm Barramundi

My second barramundi was bigger than the first.
I used a soft plastic shad with a weedless hook.

Zerek Live Flatshad 90mm

Where: Shallow water 30cm - 50cm

Water: Clear Outgoing

Line: Sufix 832 15LB braid

Leader line: Schneider 55LB

Knot: The Albright knot

Reel: Shimano Stella 2500FE

Rod: GLoomis PGR942S 7'10" 6-12lb Line weight 1/8-3/8 Lure weight Fast action Medium power

Clip: Force ten Stainless Duo Lock Snaps #3

Action: Steady retrieving

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Thank you very much.

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