8 Jan 2017

Why is a large-rainfall-wet season necessary for my usual fishing locations?

Continual heavy rain mainly around the end of December and the beginning of January partly washed away sand and mud that have settled at the bottom of the Ludmilla creek.
It increased about a 15cm water depth of the creek.
That should be welcomed.
Ideally, we need a 10 heavy rainy day period each month in December, January and February.

The creek has become shallower in recent years.
Many rocks that fish were using as a refuge were buried in the sand on the creek bottom.

We cannot see the creek bottom where many silicious marl covering stones that  scatter.

The mullets used as live bait like to eat diatom on silicious marl covering creek-bed or shore-bed stones in a rich natural environment.

After all, the creek bottom became flat and the density of diatom was reduced in recent years.
The reasons were little rain in the rainy season in recent years.

Before anything else, the lack of rain had depressed the large outbreak of jelly-prawns.
Recently, many schools of jelly-prawns cannot be seen everywhere in my usual fishing locations.

That's quite a problem of our barramundi fishing.
Barramundi have no will before jelly-prawns.
They travel around to seek large groups of jelly-prawn several times a year.

Why is a large-rainfall-wet season necessary for my usual fishing locations?
  • We need many rocks that fish are using as a refuge on the creek bottom and the shore bottom.
  • We need much more mullets.
  • We need much more jelly-prawns.

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