25 Aug 2016

70cm Barramundi in the last part of August
Mr. Clint Jebbink

It becomes hard to catch a barramundi around my usual fishing locations at this time of year.
The rise in seawater temperature holds to October.
It is hard for me to catch a barramundi around my usual fishing locations during this period.
On the other hand, it's the best time for catching nice sized mackerels, though.
But I have no boat.
Various barramundi from small to large might move to seek their baits to other locations.
Having a huge outbreak of jelly prawns, barramundi often move there.
However there is no evidence so far to prove that.

Meanwhile, Mr. Clint Jebbink continuously caught nice sized barramundi by land base.
He is a very skilled fisherman who has caught 133cm and 131cm barramundi. 
I asked him about that.

Hi Hiro. 
A 15 minute drive from karama gets you to the creek area. 
Look for dirty water colour change cause the bait holds there to hide but the barramundi can ambush too. 
No hits in the clean water. 
Used a small soft vibe called lucky strike, in a colour I call paper-fish cause it's fully see through. That's what they were eating. 
Either side of low tide. 
Rod tip held high cause very shallow. 
Constant retrieve cause the paper fish don't dart around like mullet, they shimmy at the same speed.

70cm very nice barramundi

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Thank you very much.