8 Feb 2015

What has changed since then?
I have landed 929 barramundi so far.

To my mind, the stance of my barramundi fishing by land based hasn't changed since 2010.
I have landed 929 barramundi so far.

Barramundi Landed
2010 April-December    78
2011 January-December   273
2012 January-December   375
2013 January-December   113
2014 January-December    83
2015 January     7
              Total   929

I used a lot of Squidgie Fish in my barramundi fishing in 2012 and have been using Squidgy Pro Mongrel since then.



  • I have noticed that the shores of the sea, including the urban small creeks, were getting shallower in my fishing locations year by year.  Consequently, the flying distance of a lure must be increased. That was why I started using SQUIDGY PRO MONGREL.
  • Many big schools of mullets were not seen after 2011.  As a result, I haven't used top-water lures. for examples LUCKY CRAFT SAMMY and GUNFISH very much since 2012.
  • Right below the smalls rock and big rocks there were hollows, 5-10 baby barramundi, middle sized barramundi and nice sized barramundi were hiding there until 2012.  I called those rocks 'Barramundi house'.  My fishing locations don't have anything like a barramundi house now.  All it has is the common rock.
  • There are more very wavy sea conditions in recent years than before.  Even if I go to an urban creek to fish, I will not catch any nice sized barramundi there because the water is very shallow.

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