14 Feb 2015

Saturday morning
56cm Barramundi #933
How to make sashimi?

I decided to get out of the Buffalo Creek around 9:30am.
I was hesitating about going to the Lee Point Beach while driving my 8 years old 50 cc scooter because I only had 30 minutes to fish there.
After all, I went to the Lee Point Beach to fish.

I waded through the shallow water near the rocks.

The sea water was murky but I could see in the water.
I cast my lure at a depth of 70 cm, took the greatest precautions against crocodile, shark and stonefish.
I had a short striking and so loosened the drag pressure as much as possible.

As a result,

February 14, 2015 56cm Barramundi
Land based, Darwin, NT, Australia



Size: 90mm

Where: Shallow water 30cm -50cm

Water: Murky Incoming

Line: Sufix 832 15LB Braid

Leader: TRIUMPH SUPER SHOCK LEADER 30LB (Very nice for the shallows)

Knot: The Slim Beauty Knot


Rod: Wilson LIVE FIBRE Sport fishing SERIES BLADE 'N' TAILS


Action: Steady retrieving

I wanted to have some delicious sashimi for the first time in a while.

The sea barramundi is a very clean fish to eat in raw.
I bleed the fish thoroughly and quickly when I catch a keeper-size sea barramundi that I intend to eat.
I take it home as soon as possible, hanging it by my left hand using a lip grip while riding on my scooter.

I did like that again.
Many people took the pictures of me and fish while I was driving my 8 years old 50 cc scooter.

Sliced into two pieces.

Sliced into six pieces.

Made sashimi slices.

These sashimi slices can be preserved for one day in the fridge.

PIETRO DRESSING is made in Japan.
There are many tastes of dressing in PIETRO.
I recommend you the above one with an orange cap.  (Original taste)
This deliciousness is incomparable!

Originally, I didn't know PIETRO DRESSING in spite of product of Japan.
Mrs. Megan Brown and Jessica Winstone gave it to me.

Angelo Pietro - Welcome to Angelo Pietro

KEWPIE Roasted Sesame dressing is recommended very much also.
You can buy it from Woolworths and Coles.
It’s no exaggeration to say that eating barramundi’s sashimi with a superfine quality dressing is a uniquely Territorian treat.
A new wave sashimi that originated in Darwin!
Eating sea barramundi’s sashimi is very cool!

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Thank you very much.