7 Oct 2014

This is the Darwin style.
Barramundi sashimi
Slices of raw barramundi

To more completely and neatly deblood fish including blood penetrated into tissues in deblooding fish.
It's very important when you kill the barramundi you caught..
Being good preservation, you can eat these slices of raw barramundi in sashimi style in 2 days.

I really like this fish raw recently because I found a very nice method to eat slices of raw barramundi at last.

Normally, I eat slices of raw fish in sashimi style with soy sauce and wasabi.
In this case, I won't recommend that.
It's not suitable for slices of raw barramundi.

After all this, I have recently realized that.
I noticed that I need something sweet dressing with roasted sesame to eat slices of raw barramundi.
This dressing is suitable for boiled asparagus and broccoli also.

KEWPIE Japanese Dressing with roasted sesame.
It has quite a rich taste.
Barrmundi is basically light in taste.
That's why this dressing is suitable for the barramundi sashimi very much.
You can make these following slices with the above middle portion of the fillet.

 This dressing is suitable for baby endive and coriander also.

I think that this is the Darwin style.
It's our own style.

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Thank you very much.