24 Aug 2014

I accidentally recovered my lost lure from the sea this afternoon.
The water temperature is rising but ???

I went fishing to an urban shallow water this afternoon.
The sea surface was slightly wavy which means very good for catching barramundi at the very good timing of incoming tide.
The water temperature wasn't very cold.
The water colour was murky on the shallow.
But I didn't catch any fish there.

I was suddenly accosted by someone at the shop on the way there.
He said, "We will soon be catching more barramundi because the water temperature is rising now."
I only smiled at that time.
As many attentive readers of my fishing blog have already known, I didn't catch many fish in this coming season every year on our urban shallow waters.
The season, from the middle of August to the beginning of October, that the water temperature is rising should be the most difficult time to catch fish on our urban shallow waters to me.
That is more difficult than the winter season.
An unanticipated situation occurred in this winter.
Normally, I caught some nice sized barramundi even in the cold water.
I couldn't catch many barramundi in this winter even though we had a very good monsoon rainy season last time.
I would have never imagined that.

I didn't catch any fish this afternoon.
"When one door shuts another opens."
I caught a very nice lure on the shallow water.

I accidentally recovered my lost lure from the sea.
I didn't even imagine that we would meet there this afternoon.
That was absolutely unexpected.
This lure was my lost Maria MJ1, without mistake.
There was a clip, FORCE TEN STAINLESS DUO LOCK SNAPS #2, to the lure, which only proved.

I recovered my lost lure with YO-ZURI SS-Minnow with double hooks.

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