8 Mar 2018

The wind greatly influences the fishing result.
Mr. Shaun Battye

It is very good news that the run-off trips seem to be off to a good start.
On the other hand, I went fishing at Channel Island as always.
Including me, there were 6 people there.
A gentle breeze sprang up, disturbing the surface of the shallow water.
I was moving forward as the water got up to my knees while being cautious with stingray, sea snake, stone fish and crocodile.
Hooked a barramundi one of them.
He, Shaun Battye, landed a 56cm barramundi.

Shaun used Berkley Gulp Grub Soft Baits of a strong chartreuse.
He released that fish, and the wind died away.
After that no one had fish bite.
Things went by theory as a result.
Barramundi have the habit of moving to the deep places from the shallow places in the sea when the sea surface is very calmly flat.
Because they need to take refuge from their natural enemies.
Their bait animals also need to take refuge from barramundi.
The wind condition is an very important element in the land based barramundi fishing in the shallow water.

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