29 Mar 2018

67cm Barramundi on live bait
Mr. Yoris Wilson

March is usually an off-period in the case of my land based barramundi fishing.
The following points can be given as reasons.
  • We have many wavy-sea days.
  • There is a lot of fresh water in the shallow water on shore.
  • Barramundi are moving around in search for jelly prawns.
I went fishing as much as possible in March.
I took every possible means.
However, as a result, I didn't catch any barramundi in my usual fishing locations in March this year.

Moreover, there a lot of fallen leaves, branches and other garbage that float on the surface of water or in water after the heavy rain in my usual fishing locations.

The weather is usually recovered around the Easter holidays in my usual fishing locations.
As of March 28, the condition of the fishing place is in some places starting to change.
My good fishing friend, Mr. Yoris Wilson, caught a 67cm barramundi at Channel Island.
  • His message is as follows. Live bait.  Not much tide movement so was very quiet until almost low tide.  I dropped one that was bigger as well.  One big jump and it got away.

The condition is promising.

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Thank you very much.

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