27 Oct 2017

I didn't catch any fish in this one week.
Fish knives and sharpners

I didn't catch any fish in this one week.
I was bothered by the difficulties of wind condition.
The sea was running high on account of a seasonal wind in my usual fishing locations.
This wind caused strong agitation of mud and water in shallow waters.
As you know, barramundi normally become active when they are moving about in search of baits in a cloudy water.
They like a murky, cloudy and muddy water.
But, they don't like a dirty water.
They don't like the wave curing the sand, mud or sludge.
The phenomenon is remarkable while the tide is coming into shallow waters.
Not only were there strong winds in this one week, but also it rained heavily.
I have never caught barramundi in my usual fishing locations while it was raining hard.
Normally, it is very difficult to catch barramundi in my usual fishing locations for 24 -48 hours after heavy rain.
In addition, they don't like the seawater containing floating seaweeds, fallen leaves in shallow waters.
Things won't go by theory with a living body.
So I went fishing as many opportunities as time permitted in this one week.
As a result, I couldn't catch any fish on lures by land based.
It didn't mean that the fish did not bite.
The fish have gone to the deep waters.
Conversely, one might say that my theory doesn't have a big gap with practice.
Oh, you are sure I can find some sort of excuse!
Whatever a process is like, everything is evaluated only by results?
I don't think so.
To consider this and that in barramundi fishing, it enhances the strategic character of a game in a barramundi fishing.  I think.
Barramundi is a very good much for one of the world's best game fishing.
If you would be happy in your whole life, it begins at barramundi fishing!
Yeah, I guarantee.
By the way, I bought a new skinning knife, fillet knife and sashimi knife recently.
These are far from being cheap, but these are very nice things.

These are the manner of eating barramundi in my case.

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Thank you very much.

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