27 Jul 2017

51cm Barramundi #1075
Rockcod #340
Squidgies Fish 80mm
Need protective equipments

I went fishing Lee point on Sunday morning.
The tide was going out.
I waded through the shallow water to the rocks.
My spike sole got caught the oyster-rocks surface and stumbled at the time of walking.
As a result, I fell into the water.
I had experiences that I fell down and got injured  many times on the rocks.
Then, I always wear protective equipment, knee pad, elbow pad and gloves during my land based barramundi fishing.
Thanks to those protective equipments I didn't hurt myself.
The atmosphere of this accident can be seen in the video on YouTube "Land based barramundi fishing needs proper protective equipments".
Mr. Jackson Dick did the same thing at Mindil beach spot and ended up with 8 stitches.

This picture accounts for the importance of the protective equipment.

By the way,  I went to East point to fish on Sunday afternoon.
The tide was coming in.
I caught a 51cm barramundi and a rockcod on Squidgies Fish 80mm Black Gold.
The sea water was cold and very clear.

51cm barramundi / July 23, 2017


Squidgies Fish

Size: 80mm

Colour: Black Gold

Jighead: OWNER 1/6oz #1/0

Where: Shallow water 30cm - 50cm

Water: Very clear Incoming

Line: Sufix 832 15LB braid

Leader line: Sunline FC Rock Fluorocarbon 40LB

Knot: The Slim Beauty Knot

Reel: Shimano Stella 2500FE

Rod: Shimano Terez C4S 7'2" 10-20lb line weight Medium-power Fast-action

Clip: Force ten Stainless Duo Lock Snaps #3

Action: Steady retrieving

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