9 Feb 2017

Mullets will be back before long!

Mr. Jack Priore is still my very good friend and a person that I respect.
These are the pictures of the creek in Channel Point that he took.

Before the heavy rains

After the heavy rains

We can see view much sand in a sandy beach in nature from being let flow to cause erosion of the sandy beach.
This phenomenon should be strongly welcomed by local barramundi fishermen.
Of course, we don't need to recondition a sterile sandy beach to a sandy beach rich in sand as before.
These pictures are showing its real appearance of nature or meaning of shore in NT.

It was thought that many small rocks and stones had been buried in the sand for several years because of the poor monsoon.
As you know, mullet like to eat diatom (algae) on the stone in creeks.
So mullets will be back before long.

This monsoon showers big benefits upon this location.
We hope a large outbreak of jelly-prawn too.
However, how it rains!
It is very difficult to fish by land based while it is raining.
I really understand how you feel.
You had a right to be a little annoyed with this true monsoon.

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Thank you very much.