28 Mar 2016

Barramundi move around to be in search of jelly prawns in February and March.

It has turned out that there is a certain tendency in my usual fishing locations.
I have a very quiet time at this time of year in my usual fishing locations.
However, March is far from bad season for fishing barramundi.
I caught many barramundi at the mouth of the Daly river in March.
Some people caught some metery barramundi at Shady Camp in March.
That will be proof of that.

I caught a nice mangrovejack around the rocks in the usual fishing locations of Mr. Peter Politis at the mouth of the Daly river in March.
This mangrovejack spat out many jelly prawns when I landed him on the boat.

In reality, the amount was 5times a many as the above picture.

So why do these kinds of things happen?
Barramundi move to around to live to look for good baits.
Especially, medium and small sized barramundi have no will before jelly prawns.  I think.

They move around to be in search of jelly prawns in February and March.
Unfortunately, much fewer jelly prawns now visit my usual fishing locations than formerly.
I went to East Point, Channel Island, Buffalo Creek, Lee Point and Myilly Point to fish during Easter holidays.
I didn't see many jelly prawns there.
Needless to say, I didn't catch any barramundi there.

Jelly prawns have a rapid life cycle from eggs to adults.
Their many offspring are produced several times a year in NT waters.
March should be one of them.
Also, May and September might be one of them, there is no validation of this.

Barramundi is so crazy about jelly-prawn that they often forget our lures when there are many jelly prawns in the water.
However, barramundi won't take jelly prawns positively in a clear water.
In that sense, barramundi differ from queenfish, trevally and mangrovejack.
They will take jelly prawns even in a clear water.

Mr. Peter Politis can catch many barramundi even in a water containing many jelly prawns.
He didn't use any twitching lure actions in that situation.
He just reeled the line slowly.
His lure was swimming just beneath the surface of the water.
Twitching a lure in a water containing many jelly prawns causes to run in panic.

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