11 Nov 2015

70cm Urban saltwater barramundi
Mr. Brenton Leech
November 11, 2015

It's a very good season for catching barramundi
However, luck was against me.
The tides were very good when I went fishing recently.
It's was simply that luck was against in wind condition.
The sea surface was very flat like a mirror in that morning.
The sea surface was very wavy in that evening.
After all, I couldn't catch any barramundi for two weeks.
I found that Mr. Brenton Leech caught a 70cm barramundi this morning at the same time as I planed to go fishing tonight.
Soon, I contacted him whether I could use his fishing story of his caught 70cm barramundi this morning for my fishing blog or not.
He gladly agreed to it.

Here is a fishing story from Mr. Brenton Leech.

I decided to go for an early morning fish with the tides this week being perfect for one of the spots i frequently fish. 
It was very quiet for the first hour with only the one follow and then everything fired up, its pretty amazing how it can only take a matter of minutes for things to change, i started to see bait move and had a few little taps and then for 3 casts in a row I managed to hook 3 fish this one being the biggest at 70cm. 
Another good morning out around Darwin chasing the mighty barra land based.

My rod is a 13 Omen, reelis a Daiwa Zillion, line is 50lb Fins, leader knot is an albright.
Its a new soft plastic lure I tried out Delalande fury shad in white.

70cm Urban saltwater barramundi was caught by Mr. Brenton leech.
November 11, 2015
Land based, Darwin

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