17 Sep 2015

The barra that didn't get away!
80cm Urban saltwater barramundi
Squidgies Srick-rig Drop bear
Mr. Brenton Leech

I couldn't catch any barramundi this week.
It's not easy to catch an urban saltwater barramundi by land based in my usual fishing locations in September.
I heard that Mr. Brenton Leech caught a very nice barramundi by land based recently.
So I sought his cooperation for my fishing column.
He readily complied with my request.
I would like to introduce the fishing story of Mr. Brenton Leech as follows.

The barra that didn't get away! 
Being only new to the Darwin area I'd been doing a bit of homework of where to go flick some lures for some barra and only being able to fish land based made it even harder to find a spot that holds fish. 
After a few days flicking lures around with no luck it all finally fell into place, plenty of nervous bait a good colour change I knew it was only a matter of time before something would hit the Squidgy Slick rig Drop bear that I was flicking around. 
Half and hour went by with no interest from anything, then all of a sudden BANG I was on but this wasn't to last as a cracker of a fish jumped out of the water and shook its head and out popped my lure. 
I was determined to hook up again, casting into the murky muddy water and BANG this time it was on for young and old, watching line scream off of my reel and feeling the big thumping head shakes I knew it was a good fish, after 5 minutes or so it was all over and I had landed what is my personal best barra to date of 80cm, sure its not the biggest barra but its one that ill never forget.

80cm Urban saltwater barramundi / Squidgies Slick rig Drop bear

Even with that, the Drop-bear colour is very effective for catching a barramundi in this season.

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Thank you very much.