27 Aug 2015

Where did urban saltwater barramundi go from my usual fishing locations recently?
Flathead #58-60

I only caught some flathead these days but I didn't catch any barramundi from the 15th of August.
I only saw my friend caught a small barramundi on Squidgies Fish Drop-Bear on the night of the 23rd of August at the East Point.
I think that urban saltwater barramundi in my usual fishing locations on shore return or go to the estuaries, rivers or creeks at this time of the year.
During this period, from the middle of August to the beginning of October, I rarely catch urban saltwater barramundi by land based in my usual fishing locations on shore.
As you know, spawning of barramundi occurs around river mouths and marine bays early in the wet season.  If that is so, we will be able to catch barramundi there.
We can't go there without the boat to fish after all.
Mature fish are gathering in marine bays and river mouths to spawn.
Young male urban saltwater barramundi probably go there too.
On the other hand, I think that those young male urban saltwater barramundi who go to urban creeks or rivers are not few.
In any case, those young male urban saltwater barramundi will become female in future.
When the sea water temperature starts to rise, young male urban saltwater barramundi may move to the rivers or creeks potentially.  They may practice something for their future performance

During this period, I know that some people still catch saltwater barramundi in a harbor.
I have been looking for an ideal example of the life cycle of those young male urban saltwater barramundi.
I heard that Mr. Matthew Butler caught 5 young male urban saltwater barramundi with 64cm to 40cm in length at the Blackmore river in a harbor recently.

Don't make any mistake, I have never said that I cannot catch any barramundi during this period.
I just say that I can't expect to get many good chances.  In additions, there are inequalities in level of the fishing result within fishing locations.

There are the results that I caught young male urban saltwater barramundi by land based in my usual fishing locations in September in the past as follows,
September 2014
62cm Sep-21, 70cm Sep-27 and 1 small barramundi
September 2013
51cm Sep-11, 70cm Sep-21, 53cm Sep-22, 58cm Sep-28, 57cm Sep-30 and 5 small barramundi
September 2012
2 small barramundi
September 2011
9 small barramundi

I comparatively caught some better sized barramundi in the late September.

On the other hand, Mr. Alex Patasaldies and Mr. George Voukolos Jr sometimes caught very nice metery barramundi by land based in the Daly river in September.

It is not difficult to catch flathead during this period every year.
They love glittering lures in the daytime. 

August 22, 2015 Flathead #58

Gladiator vibration

Flathead #59

Flathead #60

Lucky Craft vibration

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