20 Dec 2017

58cm Barramundi #1108
Squidgy Pro Mongrel 90mm
Fish and Chips

Saturday morning on December 16, I went fishing at Channel Island.
It was unusually calm day in December.
The sea surface was flat.
Fish wouldn't bite lures.
However, there was hope because the seawater was clean but not very clear.
I saw some splashing jelly prawns whose size were 50mm - 70mm.
I used Zerek Live Cherabin and Zerek Live Shrimp.
Fish wouldn't take them.
Next, I used Squidgy Pro Mongrel 90mm Aussie Herring having a long flying distance.
Without dragging on the bottom of water, I retrieved it slowly.
As a result, I caught a 58cm barramundi.

58cm Barramundi / December 16, 2017

And I took this barramundi home.
Heated lard in a large sauce pan, and fried fish.

I ate 3 slices of barramundi's sashimi as an appetizer. 

Barramundi's cold sashimi + Cos Hearts Lettuce + Kewpie Roasted sesame Japanese dressing (Woolworth, Coles)
These were very delicious. 

Squidgy Pro Mongrel

Size: 90mm

Colour: Aussie Herring

Jighead: Owner 1/4oz #1/0

Where: Shallow water 30cm - 50cm

Water: Murky Outgoing

Line: Sufix 832 15LB braid

Leader line: Sunline FC Rock Fluorocarbon 40LB

Knot: The Slim Beauty Knot

Reel: Shimano Stella 2500FE

Rod: Shimano Terez C4S 7'2" 10-20lb line weight Medium-power Fast-action

Clip: Force ten Stainless Duo Lock Snaps #2

Action: Steady retrieving

Please click on the " Fishing of Ranking" link. 

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