27 Jun 2017

73cm and 63cm Cold water barramundi
Mr. Matt Cook
Zerek Live Cherabin 100mm

We love cold water in our dry season!
I went fishing to Channel Island in the morning last Sunday.
I met with Cookie for the first time in three years.
Mr. Matt Cook (Cookie) caught 73cm, 63cm and some small fish on Zerek Live Cherabin 100mm with very light tackle.
He also caught a 83cm barramundi a week ago.
In contrast to him, I didn't catch any fish at that time.
But I stood and fished close to him.
Cookie has a boat.
He mainly uses his boat for crabbing.
He mainly catches barramundi by land based.
That is very likely to me.
As I have mentioned, barramundi become very cautious in clear and cold water.
By the nature of the case, special technique is used in clear and cold water.
It shows the lure as if it is real bait fish or prawn.
I saw his secret technique.
He is really good at luring.
He is a better lure-fisherman than I.

73cm barramundi / June 25, 2017

63cm barramundi / June 25, 2017

Zerek Live Cherabin 100mm

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