22 Jan 2016

Trevally #45
Barramundi #998
Bluesalmon #6
Saturday fishing

Saturday, January 16, 2016
The outgoing tide was good for Cannel Island.
The incoming tide was good for East Point.
Today's productive fishing windows were comparatively long.

I went to Channel Island by my 150cc scooter first.
A video cameraman went together with me.
He sometimes filmed from the air using a drone.

The sea water was milky in colour because there was a rain last night.
There was much freshwater mixed into this.
A sea barramundi isn't active in this water, therefore, you cannot expect me to catch a nice sized barramundi in this water.

Trevally took my lure around 2:30pm.
He was as strong as a 60cm barramundi.
I used a Reidy's Lures/Junior B52/Kryptnite.

Barramundi took my lure around 3:00pm.
This was my 998th barramundi on lure by land based.
I started counting the number of barramundi that I caught on lure by land based from 2010.
I used a Sebile/Swingtail Minnow/ Cracked Firetiger.

I had no more than two fish strikings in this water after all.

And then I went to East Point alone.
There was a rain while I was driving.
The rain had stopped when I arrived at East Point.
The tide was coming.
The sea water was very milky in colour.
I couldn't expect to catch a barramundi. 
Some fish were chasing their baits on the sea surface.
I thought that catfish or bluesalmon were swimming around there.
A steady retrieve-motion is preferably used for Reidy's lures/Hellraser.
However, I mixed double twitch-motions into the steady retrieve-motion.
As a result, I caught a bluesalmon.

I still fish the shore when it is rainy, but it is not the ideal time.
In my experience, the best time for catching many good-size saltwater barramundi from the shore in the rainy season is when we have had no rain for 24 hours.


Reidy's lures/Junior B52/Kryptnite 100mm


Sebile/Swingtail minnow/Cracked Firetiger 80mm


Reidy's lures/Hellraser/Wasabi 65mm

Reel: Shimano Scorpion 1500XT

Rod: Wilson Live Fibre Territory Barra 8kg

Line: Fins 30lb braid

Leader: Triumph Super Shock leader 40lb Fluorocarbon

Knot: The Slim Beauty Knot

Clip: Force Ten Stainless Duo Lock Snaps #3

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