16 May 2019

54cm Barramundi #1198
Squidgies Fish 80mm

Saturday May 11, I went fishing at Mindil Casino rocks in the late afternoon.
The another name of Mindil Casino rocks is Myilly Point rocks.
The tide was coming in.
The water current was flowing slowly.
Barramundi didn't respond to any hard-body lures.
They wouldn't take any soft plastics of equal to or 10cm.
I used a 8cm Squidgies Fish having Lime-Lightning colour with a jighead.
It seemed like barramundi had no odd feeling to this 8cm soft-plastic shad and slightly bit it.
It wasn't easy to hook the barramundi.
When a barramundi is cautious, I use a steady retrieve for a soft-plastic shad without any actions.
I tried several times.
A barramundi suddenly took my soft-plastic shad.
I have become enslaved by a sudden strike or pull of the barramundi since I caught a wild barramundi the first time I tried it.
As a result, I caught and released a 54cm barramundi having a beautiful silver body.

Lure: Squidgies Fish
Size: 80cm
Colour: Lime Lightning
Jighead: 1/8oz #2/0
Where: Shallow water 30cm - 50cm deep
Water: Murky / Incoming
Line: Surfix 832 20lb
Leader:  Black Magic Leader 50lb
Knot: The Albright Knot
Reel: Shimano Stella 2500FE
Rod: Shimano Raider Kayak 601 Spin 1-3kg 2-8gm
Clip: Force ten Stainless Duo Lock Snaps #2
Lure action: Steady retrieve

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