30 Nov 2017

Barramundi #1103-1105
Bomber Long 15A
Squidgies Fish 70mm
Rapala Original 130mm

I found it difficult to catch a nice sized barramundi from a high rock.
My video, Land based barramundi fishing near town in Darwin Vol, 35, will tell you that I missed a nice sized one.
I went fishing at Myilly point rocks on Saturday morning.
I thought that there were many barramundi in this area.
But, lots of little barramundi.

First, I used Bomber Long 15A Gold.
Using a soft fishing rod, I created abnormal action of my lure, like injured pray.
It was very important how to add life to a lure with my fishing rod and reel.

Rod: Samaki Zing Xtreme SZX-661BM 6'6" Line: 8-14lb Cast: 1/4-5/8oz Action: Moderate
Reel: Shimano Scorpion 70XG Gear ratio 8.2:1 very fast

As a result, I missed a nice sized barramundi, but I caught a small one.

Second, I used Squidgies Fish 70mm Lime Lighting.
This is a soft plastic shad lure.
So matching the bait to the location is the most important aspect of any land based fishing.
When I use a soft plastic shad lure, the most important thing is not "Much the hatch".
A soft plastic shad lure should be swum like a small fish, and its vibration of swimming of the soft plastic shad lure can be transmitted precisely to an angler side.
This is something which is easy to forget, so you should be careful too.
For example, after a heavy rain, you cannot feel the vibration of swimming of the soft plastic shad lure very much.
As a result, I caught a small barramundi on Squidgies Fish 70mm Lime Lighting.

Sunday morning, I went fishing at Mindil beach rocks.
Using Rapala Original minnow 130mm, I had a fun fishing.
There are thousands of rocks covered with oysters in shallow water.
Many people lost lures in this area.
However, skilled anglers can adequately enjoy fishing barramundi on lures by land based here.

Rapala Original minnow 130mm is a light-weight timber lure.
Using a soft fishing rod, I can have tact in managing this lure.

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