27 Jul 2016

70cm Barramundi as a first is awesome!
Mr. Ken Whittington
Rapala SXRM-10

Ken recently moved to Darwin and he is a very keen lure fisherman.
I took him to East point late on Thursday night with a full moon.
Normally, I don't willingly go fishing to the shallows on the nigh with a full moon.
Especially, when the water is very clear on the night  with a full moon, barramundi are likely to be cautious about.
However, it was slightly windy that night.
The tide was going out.
The water current was very strong.
Originally, a very strong water current should be avoided for the land based barramundi fishing.
The water was cold.
But I felt that I stood a chance against the situation that night.
I thought that barramundi would move about actively in search of food at night, and they would come to prey on bait fish into a creek because the strong water current hardly caused wariness even on the night with a full moon.

70cm barramundi as a first is awesome and definitely one to remember... Great catch!

He caught a 70cm barramundi on a Rapala SXRM-10 in a very cold and clear water.

It's the first barramundi in his life.
The water current was so strong that I taught him our local technique for a creek-fishing.
Twitch, twitch and jerk!

Mr. Ken Whittington
Rod: G.Loomis E6X752BS 8-20lb
Reel: Daiwa Caldia SHA 2500
Line: Sufix 832 10lb
Leader: Black Magic 20lb tough fluorocarbon
Leader knot: FG
Lure: Rapala Xrap 3x minnow
Colour: Albino Shiner
Size: 10cm
Action: twitch - twitch - jerk

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