6 Mar 2016

Lures to be effective for my land based barramundi fishing
The results of the count


I caught (and released) 1004 barramundi on lures by land based so far as of March 6 in 2016.

100cm up ---- 1 (Helifish)
90cm up ----- 0
80cm up ----- 3
70cm up ---- 23
60cm up ---- 38
50cm up --- 116
Small ------ 823 (average size: about 45cm)
Total ---- 1004

The water depths of my usual fishing locations are very shallow.
An average water-depth range is 30cm to 70cm deep.
There is no steep-sided bank of a creek in my usual fishing locations.
Therefore, I use a lot of super shallow diving minnow typed lures in my fishing.

Lures made in Australia are normally designed for the boat fishing people.
There is a great demand for those lures in the market.
Those lures will touch the bottom of the sea easily in my usual fishing locations.
It will become a cause of catching bottom.
It will become a  cause of snagging in fishing.

The lures to be effective for my land based barramundi fishing as follows,

For 50cm up barramundi
Squidgies Fish 47
Squidgy Pro Mongrel 20
Maria MJ-1 S110F 9
Rebel Minnow 110mm Classic 5
Yo-zuri SS-Minnow 4
HRT Lures Mad Mullet 70mm 3
Rapala Flatrap 3
Reidy's Junior B52 2
Reidy's Helrazer 2
Liberty Lures Pitty 75F 2
SureCatch Snap Bean SB65F 2
Outback Lures Walkabout 2
Reidy's Little Lucifer 1
Bomber Long 15A 1
Rapala XRD8 1
Lucky Craft Sammy 115 1
Rebel Jointed Minnow 135mm 1
Sebile Swing Tail 83mm 1
Zerek Live Cherabin 100mm 1
Yo-zuri Crystal Minnow 90F 1
K-Ten Special 115F 1
Liberty Lures Mad Mullet 95mm 1
Tiemco Mighty Pepper 70F 1
Bandit Lures Scout 1
Salmo Sting 90F 1
Cultiva Suspending 1
Sawamura One's up Shad 1
Total 116

For 60cm up barramundi
Squidgies Fish 12
Squidgy Pro Mongrel 5
Lucky Craft Sammy 115 3
Rebel Minnow 110mm Classic 2
Sebile Swing Tail 83mm 2
Maria MJ-1 S110F 2
Rebel Jointed Minnow 135mm 1
Maria The First 90S 1
Panther Martin Vivif Swim bait 100mm 1
Rapala XRD8 1
Squidgy Slick Rig 65mm 1
Yo-zuri SS-Minnow 1
Swamura One's up Shad 100mm 1
Reidy's Hellrazer 1
HRT Lures Mad Mullet 1
Zerek Flat Shad 120mm 1
Rapala Flatrap 100mm 1
Halco Rooster Popper 60mm 1
Total 38 

For 70cm up barramundi
Squidgies Fish 10
Maria MJ-1 S110F 3
Squidgy Pro Mongrel 2
Lucky Craft Sammy 115 2
Lucky Craft Gunfish 95mm 1
Bomber Long 15A 1
Yo-zuri SS-Minnow 1
Rebel Pop-R 1
Tiemco Mighty Pepper 70F 1
Liberty Lures Mad Mullet 70mm 1
Total 23

For 80cm up barramundi
Squidgies Fish 1
Squidgy Pro Mongrel 1
Lucky Craft Sammy 115 1
Total 3

For 100cm up barramundi
Squidgy Pro Mongrel 1
Total 1

102cm barramundi on Squidgy Pro Mongrel 90mm Drop Bear (Helifish)

I'm making sure to buy lures for me from local fishing tackle shops as much as possible
I usually use a quick clip with my lures because I want to use a large variety of lure.
I try to use more than ten kinds of lures every time.
I don't treat any lure specially.
However, good reeling feeling can be obtained with these above lures in my fishing locations.
I'd like Australian lure makers to produce more super-shallow-diving-jerkbait lures please. 
This is nothing more than what I think.

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Thank you very much.