7 Jun 2018

Barramundi #1143-1144
Rockcod #341
Catfish #47
Yo-zuri Mag Minnow 90F
Zerek Venus Trap 50S
About how I spend Sunday.

I'm living near the water for fishing.
On my days off   I'm usually out, going out for fishing.
This is about how I spend Sunday.
"The best tide shifts with the best fishing point every hour."

Sunday of June 3
First, I went fishing at Mindil Beach.
I caught and released two barramundi there.
I used Yo-zuri Mag Minnow 90mm Floating.
This lure has an amazing cast-distance.
It's a very effective lure for the rocky shallow water.
The seawater was so clear that I could catch these barramundi while viewing the barramundi that was swimming in the shallow water.

Barramundi #1143

Barramundi #1144

Yo-zuri Mag Minnow 90mm Floating

Second, I went on fishing at East Point.
I waded through a knee-deep shallow water to the rocks.
We always must look out for crocodiles there.
I caught and released a small rockcod on Zerek Venus Trap 50mm Vibration Sinking.
This lure looks great and is very well made.

Rockcod #341

Zerek Venus Trap 50mm Vibration Sinking

After that, I had lunch at my place.
Mindi Beach and East Point are 10minutes away by my scooter from my place.
I went fishing at Fannie Bay after lunch.
I caught and released a catfish.
Yo-zuri Mag Minnow 90mm Floating did good work again.

Catfish #47

Yo-zuri Mag Minnow 90mm Floating

Since the frequency of the neap tide is higher recently, a nice sized barramundi won't come near the shallow waters in the day time.
In this case, the transparency of the seawater has increased.
I can fish whatever sight-fishing I like in this situation.

Where: Shallow water 30cm - 50cm deep

Water: Very clear / Outgoing and Incoming

Line: Fins 30lb

Leader: Triumph Super Shock Leader Fluorocarbon 40lb

Knot: The Albright Knot

Reel: Shimano Chronarch G 150HG

6'6" Medium power, First action, 10-17lb, 1/4-5/8oz.
Customized by Mr. Matt West (Barra Classic 2010 Champion)

Clip: Force ten Stainless Duo Lock Snaps #2

Please click on the " Fishing of Ranking" link. 

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Thank you very much.

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