13 Jun 2018

Barramundi #1145
Rapala Flatrap 10F
Long 8'6" fishing rod

Do longer fishing rods cast farther?
Those became possible due to advance in technology.
The flying distance of the lure is a very important factor in the land based barramundi fishing at my usual fishing locations.

I went fishing at Myilly Point rocks on Monday of June 11.
As you know, Myilly Point rocks comprises Mindil Beach and its rock bar is L-shaped oriented casino side.
The seawater was very shallow.
I needed to cast the lure accurately to a distance fishing point.
I used a 8'6" long fishing rod for my bait-cast reel this time.
The 2-piece fishing rod is more compact to transport than the 1-piece fishing rod.
I was satisfied with its cast-distance very much.
This 8'6" long fishing rod has good lure-operation-ability too.
I did not expect this.
However, the result proved it.
I caught a barramundi on a hard body lure.

I used Rapala Flatrap 100mm Floating.
As the picture suggests, I should have changed the original treble-hooks on this Rapala lure for better-quality hooks.
Maybe, these original treble-hooks are not strong enough for even a 50cm sized barramundi.

Lure: Rapala Flatrap 10 Floating

Size: 100mm

Colour: Chrome

Where: Shallow water 30cm - 50cm deep

Water: Very clear / Incoming

Line: Fins 30lb

Leader: Black Magic 40lb mono

Knot: The Albright Knot

Reel: Shimano Chronarch G 150HG

Rod: Redington Model CPX868C2 8'6" Medium Action 8-15lb 1/8-1/2oz

Clip: Force ten Stainless Duo Lock Snaps #2

Lure action: twitch and jerk

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