25 Feb 2016

My 9 years old 50cc scooter will be replaced muffler, clutch-shoe, drive-belt and fuel-gauge this time.
Super mechanic Mr. Callum Gumball

My 50cc scooter is 9years old.
I bought it brand-new.
It'll have clocked up a mileage of 60,000kilometers, or more.
The odometer was melted by the direct rays of the sun.
My scooter was thrown into the saltwater Vestys lake by some young people once.
Then the scooter would normally be no longer usable.
However, my scooter still runs with my fishing rods. A super mechanic made my scooter what it is today.

Laying down one tool, picking up another, handling each with the strength and delicacy of the trained mechanic, Mr. mechanic, Callum Gumball is maintaining and repairing my scooter now.
I asked him to replace muffler, drive-belt and clutch-kit with clutch shoe, and add fuel gauge this time. Thanks, Callum!
He is very busy though.

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