23 Apr 2018

Barramundi #1126
Shallow diving lure

I went fishing at Mindil beach on Saturday.
The sea water was very clear.
A 4.7m crocodile has been pulled from Darwin Harbour by rangers on the previous day.  
It happened only yesterday, I waded through the shallow water to a knee deep point with caution.  
I tested some trial products of the shallow-diving lures. 
One of those was a very nice shallow-diving lure having a very hard and wide wobbling action. 
Barramundi were not very hungry because they were eating many jelly prawns.
However, its very hard and wide wobbling action sufficiently attracted barramundi's interest.
As a result, I caught and released a barramundi on that shallow diving lure.

There have been very excellent shallow diving lures in the past.

  • Yo-Zuri SS minnow 70F/90F
  • Surecatch Snap Bean 65F
The harder the wobbling action is, the more it attracts barramundi's interest.
My land based barramundi fishing had to have these shallow diving lures.
On the other hand, such lures had low demand in boat fishing.
Finally, these shallow diving lures were discontinued.

I know from experience that a green shallow-diving lure attracts more barramundi's interests in colour.

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