22 Mar 2018

4 days after the cyclone
I haven't caught a barramundi for three weeks.

We had a cyclone on Saturday.
Four days after the cyclone, it was Wednesday night.
I went fishing at Mindil creek at high tide.

At last the tides have flowed out fallen leaves, mangrove seeds and others in the water, brought by waves and winds.
It was a black, moonless, night.
There was a thunder shower just before leaving my place.
Therefore, the sea water was very murky.
Around March, I often encounter mangrove snakes while I am wading in the water.
Like this.

Like this. 

I waded through shallow water to a place where I could easily cast lures while being cautious against mangrove snakes, stingray, stonefish and crocodiles.
I cast a soft plastic shad.
The sea water was excessively mixed with the fresh water.
Hence, the soft plastic shad didn't synchronize with a stream of water very much.

In such a situation, I had small fish bites on my soft plastic shad twice.
But barramundi were not really actively searching for bates at Mindil at that time.
As a result, I haven't caught a barramundi for three weeks because of unfavourable weather.
My usual fishing locations are located adjacent or close to urbanization promotion areas near cities.
It seems it will still take time for many barramundi to come back to my usual fishing locations.
By the way, I use the fishing reel, developing little trouble caused by the braid as much as possible line for the land based barramundi fishing at night.

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