15 Feb 2018

Huge outbreak of box jelly fish?

I have a bit of pent-up frustration.
Of course I know what the continuous heavy rains bring a very good season for the land based barramundi fishing after the rainy season, but I wish for the rain to stop for about 3 days.

I went fishing at East Point during a lull in the rain on February 11.
Contrary to expectations, the sea water wasn't muddy in colour.
I waded through the shallow water to the rocks.
I realized that there were many box jelly fish in the water.
This was my first time seeing so many box jelly fish.

Moreover, they were big in size.
Wherever I cast my lures, I caught stinging tentacles with my lure every time.

Fishing was quite out of the question.
I was forced to stop fishing until the box jelly fish moved to other areas.
I waited and waited, but there was no sign of their going.
After I cleaned my lures I went home.

To date, the species is known to have killed at least 63 people in Australia since 1884.
Is a large outbreak of box jelly fish now?

It was raining heavily that night again.

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Thank you very much.

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