8 Feb 2018

Barramundi #1117
Squidgy Pro Mongrel 90mm
Mr. Shane Oliver
ZMan Swimbaiz Minnowz 3"

It's the first sunny day in a while in the morning on February 4.
The weather is very changeable recently.
There is no guarantee that the fine weather will hold until the evening.
I went fishing at Channel Island.
The sea water was muddy at the place that was inshore of the sea.
On the other side of the muddy water, there was a clean water.
The tidal current was going out.
I cast Squidgy Pro Mongrel 90mm Aussie Herring at the clean water.
At that time, I couldn't grasp the state of barramundi's baits under that situation.
Therefore, my lure colour was matched with the water colour.
As a result, I caught a small barramundi.

On the other hand, Shane Oliver caught two small barramundi there.
He used Zman Swimbaitz Minnowz 95mm Morning Glory.
He had several bites of barramundi.
I confirmed that the colour of Morning Glory had that result in the muddy water.
Because he did the same thing before.

Predictably, the rain began to fall.
We had to cut short the fishing.
After all, the rain came down in buckets.

Small barramundi have a soft mouth during this season.
We should be careful during the fish landing.

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