14 Dec 2017

69cm Barramundi #1106
Squidgy Pro Mongrel 90mm

Saturday afternoon, I went fishing at Channel Island.
There were many splashing "booffing" barramundi on the shallow.
I didn't see what they were chasing.
They were by that time pretty near me.
But they didn't bite any lures with a slow reeling.
I was building up frustration.
They wouldn't take even a soft plastic lure of Zerek Live Cherabin 100mm.
At that sort of time, barramundi are normally chasing a school of new jelly prawn.
I saw many small jelly prawns were showering out of water in Darwin harbour last week.
I thought that barramundi were chasing a school of small sized, around 15mm, jelly prawn this time.
I was really in a fix.
There were still many splashing "booffing" barramundi near me.
I tried using Squidgy Pro Mongrel 90mm Drop Bear with a quick reeling.
To my surprise, a nice sized barramundi took it.

69cm Barramundi / December 9, 2017 / Channel Island

Clearly, it was a reaction bite.
It was unusual for barramundi to take a lure while they were infatuated with a school of jelly prawn.
After all, I had a fish bite only once.
The result would be the action at the moment of an encounter.
I was also hoping for a miracle to happen again.
However, I couldn't see a red tag.

Squidgy Pro Mongrel

Size: 90mm

Colour: Drop Bear

Jighead: Owner 1/4oz #1/0

Where: Shallow water 30cm - 50cm

Water: Milky Outgoing

Line: Sufix 832 15LB braid

Leader line: Sunline FC Rock Fluorocarbon 40LB

Knot: The Slim Beauty Knot

Reel: Shimano Stella 2500FE

Rod: Shimano Terez C4S 7'2" 10-20lb line weight Medium-power Fast-action

Clip: Force ten Stainless Duo Lock Snaps #2

Action: Steady retrieving

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