2 Feb 2017

The true monsoon showers benefit upon jelly-prawns, mullets and whitings.

It's was a sunny weather during the rainy season last Sunday.
I went to East Point.
There were some rocks in the tide pool.
My very good fishing friend, Mr. Roderic Pineda was catching bait fish by netting.
He showed me many mullets and whitings he caught there.
We also found many small prawns in a rock crevice at a depth of 50cm.
I could not help laughing at the ease with which  he caught those small prawns.

The length of a large one was close to 70mm.
We call those small prawns 'Jelly prawn' in Darwin.
I didn't see so many jelly-prawns in my usual fishing locations for several years.
This rainy season is going very good so far.
That Sunday was clear for the first time in a long time.

Continual heavy rain mainly around the end of December and the beginning of January partly washed away sand and mud that have settled at the bottom of the mouth of Ludmilla creek in East Point.
It increased about a 15cm water depth of the creek.
That should be welcomed.

The creek has become shallower in recent years.
Many rocks that fish were using as a refuge were buried in the sand on the creek bottom.
We couldn't see the creek bottom where many silicious marl covering stones that  scatter.

After all, the creek bottom became flat and the density of diatom was reduced in recent years.
The reasons were little rain in the rainy season in recent years.

Mullet likes to eat diatom on silicious marl covering creek-bed or shore-bed stones in a rich natural environment.

We found so many mullets in East Point this time.

We found so many whitings too.
The true monsoon showers benefit upon Jelly-prawns, mullets and whitings.

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