23 Feb 2017

81cm Barramundi #1051
Squidgy Pro Mongrel

I had sore eyes-ground and a palpitation this afternoon.
In addition, I felt nauseous.
But I started feeling well when I took medicine after dinner.
It just occurred to me that the deadline for the fishing column in Sunday Territorian is tomorrow.
I went out in haste.

It hasn't rained here for two days.
There's no moon.
The sea was wavy.
The sea water was very clear.
I waded in water.
There was no sign of crocodiles???
As a result, I caught a 81cm very heavy barramundi on the 3rd cast on Squidgy Pro Mongrel 90mm Drop Bear at Mindil Beach.

81cm Barramundi / Mindil Beach / February 22, 2017

Probably, this barramundi ended up getting fat because this barramundi has been eating many jelly-prawns.
I measured the length of this fish at home, it was a 81cm barramundi.  Wow!
I thought this fish was 76cm when I caught.
I misread the length of this fish by using a tape measure.
Normally, I don't kill barramundi of 80cm or more because they become a mother-fish.

Squidgy Pro Mongrel

Size: 90mm

Colour: Drop Bear

Where: Shallow water 30cm - 50cm

Water: Very clear Outgoing

Line: Fins 30LB

Leader line: Sunline FC Rock Fluorocarbon 40LB

Knot: The Slim Beauty

Reel: Shimano Calcutta 200D

Rod: ST. CROIX Triumph TRC60MF 6'

Clip: Force ten Stainless Duo Lock Snaps #2

Action: Steady retrieving

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